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Why Community?

Entrepreneurial communities have been proving that there is a radically more inclusive and democratic way to run local and global economies. Community-driven businesses own assets for the long-term benefit of the community; they share their power with others; they create more spaces for people to come together.

Such community networks don’t consist of just entrepreneurs and their startup teams, but also all the stakeholders of the business world:
investors, industry experts, government agencies, NGOs and, most importantly, of end-users who have an important say in forming the products and solutions from day one.

Community is the foundation of impact innovations’ success. Communities are the ones whose needs and problems have to be addressed. At the same time, by being engaged in the ecosystem-wide discussion, you are able to voice the concerns of under-represented communities and regions and make sure other stakeholders stay accountable to the goals.

The Players of Impact Collective

The achievement of Impact Collective (based on SDGs) is
largely based on partnerships between impact ecosystem stakeholders such as :

What does Impact Collective Community do?

Connect with all the stakeholders, enabling a non-stop, online dialogue between them

Provide business and expert support

Vote for funding opportunities of participating startups

Curate the development of innovations that address the SDGs and other impact issues
Share theoratical, practical, scientific, academic knowledge and insights

Impact Collective
Network Map

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