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How do I apply for the two-track Investments?

There is no application process for this. All Impact Makers participating in the accelerating program are automatically considered for investments.

Who is considered for the two-track investments?

All Impact Makers chosen to participate in the accelerating program are automatically considered for investments.

Who selects the teams to receive the two-track investments?

The final decision for the Fast-track Investment is decided by TheVentures in consideration of the community voice in Impact Collective and the Program Investment is evaluated by the Impact Collective Community.

When is the announcement for the Fast-Track Investment?

This is a rolling evaluation and startups will be contacted by TheVentures separately.

When is the announcement for the Program Investment?

The Program Investment announcement will be made around the beginning of December 2020, towards the end of the accelerating program.

How long does the investment decision process take?

For Fast-track Investments, it will take no longer than two months. For Program investments, it will take on average 2-3 months.

What are the investment terms?

We are pretty flexible on the investment terms but basically it is an equity deal – not a loan or grant type. Depending on your current / previous deals with existing investors and the regulations of each jurisdiction, we will choose the best term for each case. At the moment, it is not easy to fix the terms.

What stage investments do you consider?

Our equity investments are mainly in the pre-A and A series stages.

I am a Non-Profit Organization. Am I eligible for investment?

No, NGOs are not subject to investment under the Impact Collective Fund.

I received Fast-track Investment, do I still have to participate in the accelerating program?

Yes, we expect you to participate in good faith for the remainder of the IC Program.

Should I (or our team) be incorporated or legally established as a business?

How can I get the result or feedbacks from the Impact Collective team after application?

Can I (or our team) change the form after filing one?

Do I need to pay for the acceleration program once selected?

No, there is no fee nor equity required to participate in the Impact Collective accelerating program.

Our team is from out of Asia, but active in Asian region. Can we apply for this program?

I'm not yet familiar with SDGs, but interested in design the value into our business model. Can I have more business references for the each value for better understandings?

Why should I sign up for CAN Pass?