The general information you provided will be shared with community members for the community review. Sensitive content (equity, revenues, and other proprietary information) will be only shared with expert panels and treated with confidentiality.
This agreement is to come into effect at the point of submission of this form by and between the applicants, the team members and the hosts of Impact Collective Personal information collected by the hosts of Impact Collective 2020 is used for the following purposes.
1. Collection and Use of Personal Information
A. Purpose of information collection and item of use
1. The hosts are to collect the minimum information required for Impact Collective 2020 as below.
2. Applicants’ personal identity information (name, date of birth, affiliation, email, phone number, etc) and proprietary information (business model, revenue, equity, etc) are collected for business processing such as contacting the person in charge, guidance, and progress of the business.
2. Information possession and period of usage
A. Information written on the application is used for information collection and authentication.
B. The information is kept from the date of the agreement and until the achievement of purpose.
C. The information is kept and used only by the hosts of Impact Collective 2020. It is not used for purposes other than the business processing.

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